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Black and White


lava_wht2My philosophy in still life photography has always been to do a beautiful photograph of something mundane versus a mundane photograph of something beautiful.  In this series of photographs I will take this philosophy and apply it to the same subject matter a high key and a moody photograph.  I hope you enjoy this exercise

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Last week I was on a whale watching tour in the San Juan Islands with my family.  The whales where being stalked by five boats carrying well over one hundred passengers for over an hour.  As the sun was sitting, all the boats returned to harbor.  Our captain lingered for a few minutes longer in a rocky cove.  All of a sudden these incredible mammals put on quite a show for the six lucky passengers on our boat.  Then they swam off into the fading light.

Orca tailsm


An early Fall?

leaf rotateA

Walking through the woods on this fine August morning, I was amazed by all the falling leaves. It begs the question, is it an early fall or the drought?

Prima donna


Meet Charlie the afghan hound. While this was his first professional photo shoot, I assure you he is quite the prima donna. He gave us just enough time to get our lighting and composition perfect, while he napped in the shade. When he decided to hit his mark, he gave us the money shot. Then promptly curled up in the back seat of the air conditioned limo and went back to sleep


Blinded by the light


The Las Vegas sun was pushing temps to 100 plus degrees, and the asphalt, from where I was lying to shoot, was well over 120º. Shooting directly into the setting sun, I could barely see through my camera. I had three musicians to photograph within ten minutes before the sun slipped behind the mountains. The desert sunset put on quite a show and the musicians played their mightiest to keep up.





Photograph what you love


Have I ever mentioned that I love chocolate? I was shooting for—an artisan chocolate delivery service—and they left all the props for me after the shoot.

I’d love to tell you more but I am getting chocolate all over my keyboard.



A walk in the garden


While taking a walk through our garden this morning, I came across a single petal from a tulip.  Normally, I don’t photograph flowers because even a mundane photograph of a beautiful flower is still beautiful.  I prefer the challenge of creating a striking image of something most people would just  sweep  up and throw away.

The 5 minute photo

Brick leaf

One thing I have learned as a photographer over the years is that we get very little time to create our best work.  So as an exercise years ago, I started doing 5 minute photos.  Basically I would give myself 5 minutes to come up with an idea and find the props, and then 5 minutes to compose, light and shoot the photograph.  I love the results of pairing a composition down to just the essential elements.  I cannot tell you how many times in my career this exercise has come in handy, whether trying to do three  different photographs with Russell Wilson in 5 minutes, or the client coming up with one more shot for you to do on location as you are packing up for the day.






In the life of a photographer there is a lot of time spent waiting.  Sometimes you wait for hours for just the right light, or that big cloud to move away from the sun, or even the hair and makeup artist to finish prepping the model.  All to get that magical few minutes to create.  In this case, I had to wait for the ice cream to melt, and then shoot like crazy for about 2 minutes to get the shot.  I selected my favorite photo, then hastily ate the evidence!